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Real Estate activity rebounding in metro Denver: It's been a rough 3 months or so for the real estate industry as we all adapted to life with COVID.  Buyers stopped looking for homes and listings plunged as we all hunkered down at home to flatten the curve.  Now that things are opening up again, real estate is beginning to rebound as buyers have resumed their searches and sellers are listing their homes.  The process has changed a bit as we all deal with social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer, etc.., but despite the changes, the result is the name - offers are being made homes are being bought and sold again.  Typically, home sales ramp up during the spring and continue strong through the summer months.  Since the usual spring activity stalled due to COVID, there is now a ton of pent up buyer demand and sellers are listing again.  We expect that to be the perfect recipe for a very robust real estate market as we head into the summer months. Click here for full newsletter

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